¡Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Pa' Dentro!

Que siga la fiesta! Don’t miss each of the lively bars and wine cabanas throughout La Onda! Enjoy each spot and their unique experiences that are guaranteed to keep la fiesta going all day long. Explore below!

La Cantina

La fiesta is at La Cantina, located en el corazón del festival right on Main Street! Don’t miss all of your favorite cocktails, vinos y cervezitas in one place, including: Modelo Micheladas, Don Julio Palomas, 21Seeds Spicy Margaritas, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind, Cîroc Vodka Jamaica Citrus Sour, Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Lemonade.

Tequila! Tequila!

Head to the Tequila! Tequila! to grab a classic Don Julio Tequila or 21Seeds cocktail or indulge in a top-tier reposado or añejo. Agarra tu tequilita and lounge in this shaded oasis while listening to all the music on the Verizon Stage. 


Vamos al paraiso! ¡Salud! located by the front entrance, should be your first stop fam! Grab your drink of choice, whether it’s one of your favorite refreshing beverages like the CĂ®roc Limonata Collins, or Buchanan’s Pineapple Tropic Royal, or choose from a wide variety of beers and wines.

Wine Cabanas

Go Wine Tasting! Disfruten de todos los Latin-owned wineries featuring wines from around the Napa/ Sonoma Valleys. Wine Cabanas located at La Onda Stage and Verizon Stage, will make you feel like a VIP with their own unique shaded experiences and variety of wines to choose from. 

Aldina Vineyards*
Bazán Cellars* 
Ceja Vineyards*
Frias Family Vineyard
Honrama Cellars*
MaCo Vineyards*
Maldonado Vineyards*
Robledo Family Winery*
Shot Caller Wine Company
Vintner’s Diary

*Wineries that are members of Mexican American Vintners Association 

Más Bebidas

Throughout the festival you will also be able to enjoy: 

– Corona, Modelo, Pacifico, Corona Refresca, Coors Light, Coors Banquet, Lagunitas Brewing Co, Hop Valley, Blue Moon, Corona Non-Alcoholic 
– Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola, Jack Daniel’s & Ginger Ale
– Topo Chico Hard Seltzers
– Don Julio Tequila, 21Seeds Infused Tequila
– CĂ®roc Vodka, Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Vodka
– Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky, Hendrick’s Gin
– Open Water, Waterloo Sparkling Water, & Red Bull