Tracksuit Wedding

It’s not every day a band comes along that’s as comfortable playing big local rooms as it is in the lineup of national festivals. Tracksuit Wedding, Denver’s premier, vintage rock / funk / blues powerhouse, makes filling either role look easy.

Conceived in 2013, Tracksuit Wedding is the brainchild of keyboardist Libby Anschutz and lead singer Ali Frankfurt. The band brings together seasoned players from all over the Denver scene, mixing styles and celebrating the universal truth that a band’s primary objective is to get a groove going.

“Everyone comes from different musical disciplines,” says vocalist Erica Brown. “We have our arms around a lot of different genres that haven’t been blended together before. The universe brought every member in the band here at the right time.”

Players have come and gone, even changed places (Anschutz was the drummer early on). The current lineup is the most solid yet and solidifies Tracksuit Wedding as a force in Colorado music. And that comes from experience. The members of Tracksuit Wedding are familiar faces at Colorado venues, both as fans of local, live music and as hard-working musicians. Frankfurt is a veteran of the scene having fronted the gritty punk / hard rock group The Blackouts for many years. It may seem like an odd move from the heavy side of the spectrum to the groove-based, party atmosphere of Tracksuit Wedding.

“It’s definitely been an evolution,” says Frankfurt. “That’s what defines us, the melding of styles.”

That combination of influences and sounds is what makes Tracksuit Wedding stand out.  The band’s original tunes are at once familiar and fresh, the perfect combination of the good old days of loose, low-fi, bluesy rock and the well-honed professionalism of seasoned musicians.

Vocalist Erica Brown sums up the Tracksuit Wedding experience simply and succinctly.

“All you need to do is fall into the groove,” says Brown.  “Believe what you hear. Remember our name. You’ll be screaming it in the morning.”