The Redwoods Revue

The Redwoods is a San Diego based independent record label that operates as a music collective. Similar to the Stax records or Wrecking Crew approach, The Redwoods features a pool of accomplished musicians who work as the backing band for five different artists on their label.
They’ve been touted as “The Dap-Tone of the West Coast” by Relix Magazine
Every player applies his or her talent and creativity in the service of producing great songs. Each recording is pristinely rendered, steeped in vintage tones, yet could exist comfortably in any era. No genre is beyond grasp. Be it hard hitting soul, swampy psychedelic rock, desert noir, or spectral folk, the label brings together songwriters, musicians and vocalists of the highest caliber, setting a new standard of musical collaboration and songcraft.
In just two years, The Redwoods has produced six acclaimed albums featuring the vocal talents of Birdy Bardot, Dani Bell, Shelbi Bennett, Rebecca Jade and Dawn Mitschele.
THE REDWOODS REVUE takes the collective from the studio to live performance, where they call upon their star players to back the autonomously enigmatic front-women to bring their recordings to life in front of the audience. They present four or five artists, all in succession, as they fire through their eclectic catalogue of music, creating a uniquely dynamic musical experience.