The Iron Heart

The Iron Heart is a hard hitting rock band from California. Formed in 2013 by Thomas Fine, Justin Altamura and Joel Fennie. The trio has always played music together through the years, and have now re-formed to create The Iron Heart.

With an energetic rhythm section and soaring guitars, The Iron Heart delivers a signature sound that has been described as “the new rock n roll”. Thomas Fine’s unique vocal style offers up honesty and passion. Justin Altamura’s definitive bass sound gives the extra spice and also delivers world-rocking riffs. On the drums, Joel Fennie, unleashes a thunderous approach which gives the band a big, bold sound. Together they have created a sound that blends traditional hard rock with blues & punk influences.

The release of their debut EP “V” in early 2014 was described as “an explosive debut”. The five songs included range from fast heart thumping rock to delightful what has been called “space-age hoedown”. After a summer of touring The Iron Heart was invited to record at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 with Producer Jason Carmer. The 3 song album “Misophonia”will be released as a the first of 4 “mini” albums that will make up the bands first full length recording titled “Salon Des Refuses” with an expected release in late 2015.