Rose’s Pawn Shop

It may come as a surprise to hear the strains of Appalachian and Americana music channeled through 6ive guys from Los Angeles, but heartache, loss and regret have always been the cornerstones of great music, and this city has more than its share. In a town better known for porn stars and face lifts, anything as authentic and heartfelt as Roses’s Pawn Shop is a pleasant surprise.

With an arsenal of guitars, banjo, thumping upright bass, 6iddle and drums, delivering neo- classical-sounding melodies and lyrics, their sound is a wholesome mishmash of creek mud, rusty nails and your mom’s cookin’. It’s sincere, straight-forward and sexy as fuck, effortlessly combining such disparate musical styles as rock, country, bluegrass, and punk to create an incomprehensibly smooth and accessible sound for true believers and skeptics alike.

Rose’s Pawn Shop confront traditional country music themes of loss, lamentation, and redemption, with a couple of drinking songs for good measure. Then they take those themes, tear ‘em up and set ‘em on 6ire with three and four part vocal harmonies and lyrics that’ll break your heart.

Something happens when you hear these songs. No matter how low you’ve sunk, something in the music 6inds you. It picks you up and carries you home. And it’s that undeniable quality that brings people back to Rose’s Pawn Shop again and again.