Through compelling songs and charismatic performances, singer-songwriter RIVVRS radiates an endearing and optimistic vision. His music connects the authenticity of Americana with the accessibility of pop, framed by the artists empathic voice and eminently approachable songcraft.

A Napa, California native now residing in Los Angeles, RIVVRS née Brandon Zahursky has over 30 song placements on network television shows, and over eight million Spotify streams. Beginning with his debut single I Will Follow You,written into the script of an episode of About A Boy in 2014, these ongoing sync usages allow for a full time living as a musical professional. Its been a real privilege to continue without having to grind,he says.

Prior to his full-time career as an artist, RIVVRS worked in the wine industry of Napa Valley; balancing music with a full time day job at a winery. After leaving to travel with a friend, he was performing at a coffeehouse in San Luis Obispo when another artist recommended that he attend the Durango Songwriters Expo near Santa Barbara. It was here that he came to the attention of the Hollywood music supervision community; allowing him to leave his job and move to Los Angeles.

His latest full-length Cosmic Dream is due for a 2018 release, and the lead single from the project Dont Give Up On Meis now available on Spotify and other listening platforms. While maintaining an extensive performing and touring calendar, RIVVRS previously tracked the EP Hold On, a full-length release Unfamiliar Skin, and a variety of singles to augment these projects. Now co-producing his next release in Utah with Joshua James, he says that collaborating with other songwriters is fulfilling. Music is a connection, and if you’re the only force it doesnt always work. Co-writing is where I can get out of my head and open the creativity up into a place I won’t arrive on my own.”

Buoyed by an animated onstage charm, he commands audiences with just his voice and an acoustic guitar, but he believes that his songs shine with a full band. I love playing music with people. To me, thats where the connection and chemistry come in, and where the songs open up.

His early years were spent moving with his blended family across California, Washington and Oregon, then back to the Bay. It was a nontraditional upbringing. He remembers at one point staying in a halfway house with his parents, a shelter where addicts could get clean.

Raised on classic rock courtesy of his father, RIVVRS says that visual mediums were invaluable in his discovery of music; especially singer-songwriters with songs on television shows. I didnt set out to make placeable music, but because its what I like and listen to, as I began writing I had a simple way of structuring songs that applies,he recalls.

As he now expands his audience through successive national tours, RIVVRS moves into a new phase in his creative future. I spent the accumulation of my young adult years catching up, and realizing that I could be the person I want to be,he says. And he believes that interpretation is the power behind his music. I hope people listen to the songs that I have, and can somehow hear what is happening in their own lives. Everyone wants to feel a connection.