Peter Collins

Peter Collins first began building his career in music by posting videos of himself covering songs on his social media accounts, and people instantly fell in love with him, his voice, and his music. His soft, smooth, gentle but immensely soulful voice is comforting to any ear.  He is a vocalist whose spirit is as gentle and captivating as his mesmerizing, sultry, voice.  The vocal control he maintains as he masterfully navigates between his registers is astounding. He is truly a singer’s singer. 

Peter’s sound is an eclectic mix of R&B, Soul, and Jazz with an Inspirational foundation. He’s inspired by the music and sounds of the past mixed with his creative fresh perspective. It is this binding together of the past with the present moving into the future. Creating a mood for people is what he desires.  The way he sings, his goal is to provide the listener with a whole host of intimate emotions.  In an ever-changing world with increasing violence, hate, hurt, and hopelessness, Peter’s mission is to spread love, peace, joy and healing through the power of words and music.  His prayer is that by listening to his music, one’s faith will be strengthened, and hope will be restored. 

Pulling inspiration from nature, all things and everywhere, Peter’s journey as an independent artist has taken him all over the US and beyond meeting some incredible people. The music that he creates is totally organic and genuine, and it is all driven by his love and passion for God and music. Peter draws from all the genres not belonging to just one. He is inspirational; he is R&B; he is soul; he is jazz; he is music from other cultures. All with his relationship with God at the center.  Creating music is his genre.