Muse have revealed a first in music video creation. Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a new lyric video will be created every day for a month featuring high profile personalities voicing the lyrics to their current single, “Dig Down.”Created in consultation with tech development agency, Branger_Briz, the specially created software searches the Internet to find footage of celebrities, politicians and artists saying the lyrics to ‘Dig Down’. These clips are then ‘sewn’ together using timing information from the original song to create the lyric video.

Click below to see today’s video and the subsequent updated versions:

Branger Briz said:“AI is so often deployed in a very invisible way, so it was exciting to collaborate on a project with the band that brings it to the fore. We think it’s important to have public discourse about the promise and perils of these emerging and incredibly influential technologies and it’s great to work with Muse to instigate those conversations.”