This time around MUNA are speaking growth into existence. “If anything it now makes it that we kind of don’t have a choice but to practice what we are preaching,” says Josette. “Or try to – very hard,” adds Katie. After About U, MUNA have all gone through a cycle of death and rebirth, they’ve rebuilt their confidence in themselves as musicians, as a band and as the bestest of friends. “We’re stretching ourselves as wide as we can to become as big and encompassing as we can be,” says Katie. “We are here to take up the space that we deserve.”

They’re bringing a new look too; softer around the edges and more mature. “I guess I could say, we’ve laid down our weapons?!” jokes Katie who has never presented herself as a perfect prophet. “The songs are an honest depiction of times that I’ve failed, my own pitfalls and experiences of choosing to relive the same painful story, rather than choosing to grow.”

When it came to finally naming the album, the grandiose concept jumped out. Saves The World might sound like a facetious statement about the power of pop, but it’s an earnest reflection on the band’s own survival. “It’s about saving yourself,” says Gavin of the title. “If you’re committed to saving yourself you are saving the world.” And, you know, it’s a little messianic too. “When people take responsibility for their own stories and accept that they are capable of being their own heroes the whole world could shift in a crazy way.”