Kosha Dillz


Kosha Dillz, born Rami Matan Even-Esh,  is a 40 year old  Brooklyn-based Jersey-born rapper that raps in such a diverse way no one has even been able to fit him “inside” a box.  His collaborations have hit every part of the soundscape from Kaskade and Matisyahu to Rza of Wu Tang Clan.


Dillz has stated he has achieved more in the last 14 weeks of 2021 than the past 14 years. His pandemic NYC street raps led him to the new motto of “We Outside ’Til We Inside,”  after landing tens of millions of views on his street freestyle videos from Instagram pages like What is New York to Worldstar. Most notably, Kosha broke through to the mainstream after being joined for a freestyle session by Fat Joe in a Nor’Easter outside a NY Knicks basketball game. Once Fat Joe saw how viral their cypher became, he brought the “street performer” to freestyle on stage at a sold out MaximBet concert in Denver, and told him “Oh you ain’t outside anymore,,, You’re inside now!”  


Dillz isn’t too worried about serendipity for himself. He does what it takes to get attention to his music.  He raps in suits and tuxedos in blizzards or as characters like Moses outside Verzuz battles for The Migos.  In September, he created the first ever “Bald Fest”, which landed him a full page spread in the NY Post and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. To finish off the year, he made his first viral ever song with  orthodox Jewish rapper Nissim Black,  Their collaboration was so buzzworthy it became the first Hanukkah song ever played simultaneously on Hot 97 and Z100, and it even grabbed the attention of Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg landing play radio play on Shade45’s annual “Hanukkah Radio” program.


The We Outside ’Til We Inside mentality is what he hopes to share with the reality most of us live in. Wherever we are, we must work harder to get to the next level. In his case,  Dillz raps outside of every festival until they decide to book him inside. His current project is rapping outside Madison Square Garden until they decide to book him for a performance during half time. That doesn’t negate the fact that he has his music in a Bud Light Super Bowl  TV ad, had a Billboard charting album, millions of streams online as well as dozens of tracks created by the same Grammy Nominated producers  as Kanye West, Sia. and Anderson Paak. (listen to Beverly Dillz, Awkward in a Good Way and Nobody Cares Except You) 


“So what is your end goal?” was a recent comment Kosha received online.


“I have made music with the best producers in the world, but not everyone knows my songs.  I have lived a life, but not everyone knows my story. My story is a story of how no one ever gave me a chance until I gave myself one.  We have been outside for a long time and wow we are finally inside. I think a lot of people like me have a similar story so there is a deeper purpose now with why and what I plan to do.”