Knox Hamilton

Knox Hamilton is an indie pop band from Little Rock, Arkansas. The band was originally formed in the mid 2000’s by brothers Boots and Coby Copeland and their best friend, Brad Pierce. Drew Buffington, guitar, joined the band in 2009.

To date, Knox Hamilton has released three EPs; one each year since 2011. Their first release, The Sirocco EP, earned the band local support as an up-and-coming indie band in Arkansas. After the release of The Sirocco EP, Knox Hamilton immediately began writing songs for a new EP. The sophomore EP, So Far Safari, was released almost exactly a year later in the summer of 2012. The response to So Far Safari was invigorating, and the guys from Knox Hamilton knew they were on the right sonic path. The transition period between the first two EPs allowed for a lot artistic growth, and fans, old and new, definitely took note. In November of 2013, Knox Hamilton released The Great Hall EP, their most popular EP to date.

The Great Hall EP is a culmination of the bands eclectic musical sensibilities, as individuals, and their combined infatuation with indie pop rock, as a band. The EP could easily be trimmed to simple, commercial-length soundbites, but it could also accompany you on a cross-country road trip. The Great Hall EP was an instant hit among family, friends, and existing fans. However, after a few blog spotlights, The Great Hall EP started gaining momentum.

One song in particular, Work it Out, found its way into Spotify Playlists, blog reviews, and iTunes party mixes in a matter of weeks. Work it Out currently
has over 200k plays and has been a mainstay on Sirius XM AltNation, even making its way into the top 5 on AltNation’s Alt 18 Countdown. The stint on AltNation, as well as other radio play, has propelled Knox Hamilton into the lives of new listeners all over the world.