Hamilton Leithauser


Hamilton Leithauser records and produces his own music in New York City. He’s lived there for 23 years. After a couple of decades in professional recording studios, Hamilton decided to put together his own studio because he found that all of his most creative and productive moments happened when he wasn’t “on the clock”. Something about the organization and cost put too much pressure on what he thought really needs to be a free and spontaneous moment.

Hamilton realized that he actually preferred the sound of his own home 8-track demos to many of the more polished tracks he’d made (not always, but often enough to wonder). So he began collecting equipment in his travels around the United States, and spent several million isolated hours learning how to use some of it. Now he thinks he’s got the hang of it.

His most recent full-length record “The Loves of Your Life” was released on April 10, 2020 through Glassnote Records. It features songs about individual people he met through chance encounters (mostly in the tri-state area). Previous to that he has released “I Had a Dream that You Were Mine” with friend Rostam Batmanglij, “Dear God”, a vinyl-only record with friend Paul Maroon, “I Could Have Sworn EP”, and “Black Hours”. Before his solo career, Hamilton was the lead singer and co-songwriter for NYC band The Walkmen for 14 years. His next full-length release is expected in the 2nd half of 2021.