Guardian Ghost

LA’s Guardian Ghost blazes across the night sky casting off a comet tail of influences ranging from Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Muse, Coldplay; shimmering guitars, sparks of percussion, haunting orchestral notes and the achingly beautiful vocals of frontman Jesse Glick.“ – Popdose

Undefinable. Genre-bending. Evocative. Visual. It’s hard to pin down the sound of GUARDIAN GHOST, but it’s deep resonance can’t be ignored. An ambient rock band with dystopian folk textures, electronic musings, and poetic, emotional lyrics, the unique LA band creates it’s own sonic footprint.   

Started by singer/guitarist Jesse Glick in New York City (but born and raised in Woodstock, NY), he self-recorded and produced the first two albums “Line Drawings” and “Shadowlands” before returning to Los Angeles to fill out the band with the current line-up: Robert Katrikh – guitar (Brooklyn, NY), Cole Seigel – keyboards (Tulsa, OK), and Tim Alek – drums (Hunter, NY). Guardian Ghost has received numerous TV/film placements, and has built a buzz in LA on the strength of their powerful and dynamic live shows.

“Sweeping, dreamlike washes of noise so glorious that, despite the subject matter being loss, is enough to rouse the spirit and swell the heart. “ – Sound of Confusion