Crimson Apple

CRIMSON APPLE is a band of four sisters who grew up on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Their sound, an epic and cinematic dark-pop, is fused with a wide variety of influences they were exposed to while being raised in the cultural melting pot of the world, including alternative, indie-rock, K-pop, and J-rock.

While many assume that the sisters have been playing music together since birth, Crimson Apple formed the summer of 2012. The girls have always viewed the formation of the band as an act of fate; Each sister picked up their respective instruments and found their love of music at different stages in their lives. One day, they realized that together, they made up the perfect pieces of a whole band.

Since their formation, Crimson Apple has created a unique, powerful sound that is not only reflected in their recent releases, but can also be felt in their hard-hitting live performances. This allowed the band to tour multiple festivals and venues across America, opening for major acts such as The Chainsmokers, The Plain White T’s, and All Time Low.

With their brand new single, “Dead To Me”, the band invites those who believe they can handle more to take another bite of the apple.


Colby Benson – Lead Vocals

Shelby Benson – Guitar / Vocals

Carthi Benson – Bass / Vocals

Faith Benson – Drums / Vocals